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Life-giving fear

Central Truth: Fear of God leads to safety and confidence.

When my son, Finlay, was learning to walk I bought one of those little animal backpacks that pretend not to be reins so I could prevent him from toppling into the Lagan when we were on the towpath. His fearlessness as a 14-month-old was innocent and quite inspiring but in…

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Central Truth: Spiritual amnesia.

I have a great Bible called ‘Dakes’ Annotated Reference Bible’ and Dake is an enthusiastic fan of lists.  For example, he tells us that in the Bible there is a list of 10 things that man remembers and included in this are cucumbers, melons, leeks, onions, garlic and fish.  Who…

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Trusting Relationships

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Central Truth: Trust is essential to relationship.

Sometimes the Bible echoes loudly with different verses. Today's Psalm 104 vs 27- 30 echoes Mathew Ch 6:25-34. It's all about trusting God for our provision, even for our life!

Trust is the core of any healthy relationship. What I find different in my relationship with God, more than with…

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Who is my neighbour?

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Central Truth: We should be active in our love of others.

Throughout the bible, right up to the modern day, people have been trying to dodge what Jesus referred to as the second most important commandment, "love your neighbour as yourself". Jesus saw this commandment as so crucial, and so inextricably linked to the greatest commandment, "Love the Lord your God…

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Central Truth: Work is part of God's creation.

Do you ever wonder what Heaven is going to be like? Will we be wandering aimlessly thinking deep thoughts? Will we be joining with the choirs and angels singing constantly? Will we be sitting by a Heavenly pool sipping wine? Or will we be working?

I have a confession -…

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